Separator Bar Magnets

These magnets separate ferrous scrap and particles from other materials. Each bar contains an array of powerful neodymium magnets, encased in a stainless steel tube.

Hanger Magnets

Hanger magnets are powerful neodymium magnets housed in an attractive anodized aluminum body. They will hold hats, coats, and even hammers and drills.


Magnetic wire management. Attaches magnetically to metal surfaces. Add and remove cables in a snap. Holds up to 2.45lbs of cables.

Steel Targets to Pair with Magnets.

These steel discs and plates offer a highly attractive target for your magnets to attach. More cost-effective than a magnet to magnet attachment.

BadgeMag (Name Tag Holder)

The Badgemag holds name tags, bades, and pins firmly to clothing, even thick jackets. The adhesive backing grips firmly to any flat surface.

Sewing Magnets

Sewing magnets create strong latches and catch in clothing and accessories. They are encased in a machine washable TPU plastic that protects the magnet and is easily threaded.

Smart Magnets. (Polymagnet®)

Polymagnets® are standard neo magnets that have gone through a special magnetization process to change the shape of their magnetic fields. Polymagnets® can be magnetized to have rotational detents, attract and repel when twisted, and many more unique functions.


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