Neodymium Magnet Design Tips

Below is a list of common design and engineering tips to consider when working with neodymium magnets. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you need clarification or have a question that is not addressed below. Tel. 888-727-3327.

    Custom magnet solutions
Custom magnets offer a surprisingly cost-effective way to get the perfect magnet tailor made for your application.

    Injection Molding
Integrating magnets into injection molded parts.

    After-market machining
Tips for altering the shape of a magnet after purchase.

    Gluing Magnets
Surface preparation techniques and glue recommendations.

    Ferrous Metals for attracting magnets
A comprehensive list of the common metals used for attaching to magnets.

    Pull Strength
How pull strength is measured and how to use pull strength information.

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