Amazing Magnets Injection Molding

Amazing Magnets offers high quality injection molding with unique magnet overmolding capabilities and design optimization services.

Safety First
Loose or dislodged magnets can be dangerous in consumer products, it is important to safely secure the magnets so they will never pop out. Talk to one of our experienced design engineers for assistance in selecting the ideal solution for your product. Tel.888-727-3327

Note on Demagnetization
Magnets will become demagnetized by the high-heat of injection molding. High temperature magnets are available but are more expensive and too brittle for many applications. Amazing Magnets offers a unique post-mold magnetization process that allows our neodymium magnets to be over molded before magnetization. The finished parts are then taken to one of our specialized magnetization machines to be fully charged.

Magnet Integration Options

2 Shot Mold:
This injection method can create a fully encapsulated magnet for withstanding harsh environments like salt water or for use in medical applications. 2 shot molds are created by injecting only one half of the plastic part, so the magnet can be inserted before molding the second half of the plastic part.

This is one of the most cost-effective methods as it does not require any special features on the magnet. The magnet is held in place by a series of pins that surround “pinch” the magnet during injection. The only drawback is that when the part is demolded the retaining pins leave a void in the plastic.

Overmolded Steel:
This is one of the best solutions when considering power vs cost. The steel backer can be overmolded with no worries about demagnetization or post-mold magnetization. The magnet is then simply attached to the overmolded steel disc after molding. To ensure the magnet does not pop out and always stays more attracted to the steel backer, it is good practice to leave a small gap between the magnet face and plastic brim.

Pin and Groove:
The pin and groove method requires the magnet to have a thru hole. A retaining pin on the mold uses the thru hole to hold the magnet during injection. The plastic then flows into the groove on the side of the magnet securing it in place. When the part is demolded, the retaining pin is removed leaving a void.



Standard Overmold:

Ultrasonic Welding:

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