Ferrofluid (EFH-1)

Ferrofluid responds to the influence of magnetic fields and changes back when the magnetic influence is taken away. Ferrofluid is a black liquid made of nanoscale magnetic particles suspended in a carrier fluid. (Not speaker fluid)

High Definition Magfilm

Magfilm shows you the intricate shapes and patterns of magnetic fields that would otherwise be invisible. High definition Magfilm consists of a thin sheet of plastic coated in microcapsules containing nickel flakes. 

Magnetic Pen

Keep a pen handy. Sticks anywhere a magnet will stick. Sleek tapered end design for optimal grip and writing comfort.

Steel Ball Bearings

Ball bearing grade steel balls and nickel plated steel balls for general use. These ball bearings also make attractive targets for magnets.

Clearance Overstock

Steep discounts on surplus magnets and other magnet related products.

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