Large Yellow Pawn Magnet 1.125" dia x 1.5" tall

Larger Pawns. Greater Power. Unmatched Design.

  • TESTED STRENGTH: large pawns hold 14 papers on 1/4" glassboards.
  • Pins your papers and notes for personal projects, important presentations, and brainstorming sessions.
  • Ideal for the modern workplace, hospitals, and schools.


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Product information

Dependable strength
  • Holds up to 20 sheets of paper on thick ¼” glassboards.

  • Eliminates all slipping, sliding, and falling off any steel backed board.

Markerboard friendly

  • Works on every whiteboard and glassboard with a steel backing. 

Enjoy immersive brainstorming

  • Activates your creative non-linear thinking.

  • Makes your thinking visible so you can find the relations between your ideas.

  • Opens your playful side through hands on tactile touch.

Highlights your best ideas

Let these pawns tell the deeper story behind your research and findings. Your important papers and documents belong on your board in front of everyone, not tucked away in your briefcase.

Makes the right impression

These pawns organize your board for pleasing presentations.

Quality that lasts

  • Contains the strongest magnets commercially available known as rare-earth Neodymium.

  • Houses magnets in durable ABS plastic.

What's the strength on other glassboards?

  • 1/8” thick glass holds 30 sheets of paper
  • 3/16” thick glass holds 20 sheets of paper
  • 1/4” thick glass holds 14 sheets of paper
  • 3/8” thick glass holds 4 sheets of paper
  • 1/2” thick glass holds 1 sheet of paper 

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