Magnetic Eraser for Glassboards

  • Sticks to your magnetic board like a bug on a leaf.
  • Wipes away the ink and smudges you want gone.
  • Easy to hold and handle.
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This GlasMag Glassboard Eraser is part of the revolutionary GlasMag line, the STRONGEST magnetic whiteboard products on the market! GlasMag products are designed to work on glassboards. Made with licensed neodymium magnets, our GlasMag accessories use the strongest magnets commercially available and are tested to work with 1/4" thick magnetic glassboards.

This eraser sticks directly to your magnetic board, ensuring that it's always right where you need it, when you need it. The sleek, comfortable design is easy to hold and handle. The eraser removes ink and smudges with ease, restoring your board to a smooth and shiny surface. It's perfect on whiteboards, dry erase boards, and glassboards, and quantity discounts are available.

Makes a perfect gift for teachers!

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