Soft Touch Magnetic Everclean Eraser + 3 refills

Soft Touch Magnetic Everclean Eraser for Glassboards

  • Extends eraser life by at least 3x with replaceable felt pads.
  • Soft touch finish adds a smooth and sophisticated feel.
  • Sticks to your magnetic board like a bug on a leaf.
  • Wipes away the ink and smudges you want gone.
  • Reduces environmental impact of disposable erasers.
  • Easy to hold and handle.
  • Product Diminsions: 4.5" long x 2.1" wide x .9" thick
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Product information

A Lifetime of Effortless Erasing

The new magnetic Everclean Eraser features a unique system with replaceable felt pads that extends the life of your eraser. This Waste Reduction Technology reduces the environmental impact made by disposable erasers. 

Whenever a pad shows wear, just swap it out for a new one. You will never need to clean or buy another eraser again. It’s this fresh supply of felt that makes for effortless erasing.

Purchase additional felt:

How to get fresh felt on demand: 

For a demonstration of the replaceable felt pad system, please 

watch this video:




 Silver Pawn Set (8)

  • Pins your important papers.
  • A single pawn secures 20 sheets

Magnetic Marker Holder

  • Fits 8 dry-erase markers.
  • Anti-slip traction pad.

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