Anodized Aluminum Platinum Pen Marker Holder

• Superior Strength: Secures to 1/4" Glassboards
• Large Storage: Fits Multiple Markers
• Anti-Slip Traction Pad: Prevents Surface Sliding
• Minimalist Design: Blends in with Your Board
• Markerboard Friendly: Perfect for Glassboards, Whiteboards, and Dry-Erase Boards.
• Product Dimensions: 3.1" wide x 3.6" high x 1.25" deep


  Quantity     Unit Price
   2-15    $19.59
   16-31    $19.39
  32-63    $19.19


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  • Securely attaches to 1/4" thick magnetic glassboards and whiteboards
  • New satin anodized aluminum finish complements any modern work space with its sleek, elegant, non-reflective look
  • Powerful rare-earth neodymium magnets inside
  • Unique traction pad eliminates slipping, sliding, and falling from your board
Custom laser etching available.

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