Marker Mag (Black)

Our GlasMag Marker Mag adapters are part of the revolutionary GlasMag line, the STRONGEST magnetic whiteboard products on the market!  Made with licensed neodymium magnets, GlasMag products are designed to work on glassboards. Our GlasMag accessories use the strongest magnets commercially available and are tested to work with 1/4" thick magnetic glassboards.

Keep your markers right where you need them!  The Marker Mag magnetic adapters for Glass Whiteboards attach to the end of most standard markers to help to keep them at the ready. With the Marker Magnet attached to your dry erase marker, you simply place your marker directly on the face of any steel-backed dry-erase board for quick and easy access.


  Quantity     Unit Price
   6-9    $1.89
   12-21    $1.79
  24-45    $1.69


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