Material: Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron
Amazing Magnets has the ability to produce magnets in a variety of materials and grades.  The majority of magnets sold and stocked at our facility are Sintered NdFeB (Grade N40), but other varieties are available, and can be produced in most combinations of materials with most sizes.

When selecting an NdFeB grade, keep in mind that the higher the grade (lower in the chart) the more brittle the magnets will be.  Operating Temperatures are grouped by color for ease of reading.  When selecting a working temperature, make sure you will not reach or exceed the Tmax value in the chart, or the magnets will be damaged.

GradeBr (KG)Hcb (KOe)Hci (KOe)BHmax (MGOe)Tmax
N3511.7-12.2≥10.9≥12.033-3680C / 176F
N3812.2-12.5≥10.9≥12.036-3980C / 176F
N4012.5-12.8≥11.4≥12.038-4180C / 176F
N4212.8-13.2≥11.5≥12.040-4380C / 176F
N4513.2-13.8≥11.6≥12.043-4680C / 176F
N4813.8-14.2≥11.6≥12.046-4980C / 176F
N5014.0-14.5≥10.0≥11.048-5170C / 158F
N5214.3-14.8 ≥10.0≥11.050-53 70C / 158F
30M10.8-11.3≥ 10.0≥ 14.028-31100C / 212F
33M11.3-11.7≥10.5≥14.031-33100C / 212F
35M11.7-12.2≥10.9≥14.033-36100C / 212F
38M12.2-12.5≥11.3≥14.036-39100C / 212F
40M12.5-12.8≥11.6 ≥14.038-41100C / 212F
42M12.8-13.2≥12.0≥14.040-43100C / 212F
45M13.2-13.8≥12.5≥14.043-46100C / 212F
48M13.6-14.3≥12.9≥14.046-49100C / 212F
50M14.0-14.5≥13.0≥14.048-51100C / 212F
30H10.8-11.3≥10.0≥17.028-31120C / 248F
33H11.3-11.7≥10.5≥17.031-34120C / 248F
35H11.7-12.2≥10.9≥17.033-36120C / 248F
38H12.2-12.5≥11.3≥17.036-39120C / 248F
40H12.5-12.8≥11.6≥17.038-41120C / 248F
42H12.8-13.2≥12.0≥17.040-43120C / 248F
45H13.2-13.8≥12.0≥17.043-46120C / 248F
48H13.7-14.3≥12.5≥17.046-49120C / 248F
30SH10.8-11.3≥10.1≥20.028-31150C / 302F
33SH11.3-11.7≥10.6≥20.031-34150C / 302F
35SH11.7-12.2≥11.0≥20.033-36150C / 302F
38SH12.2-12.5≥11.4≥20.036-39150C / 302F
40SH12.4-12.8≥11.8≥20.038-41150C / 302F
42SH12.8-13.2≥12.4≥20.040-43150C / 302F
45SH13.2-13.8≥12.6≥20.043-46150C / 302F
28UH10.2-10.8≥9.625.026-29180C / 356F
30UH10.8-11.3≥10.2≥25.028-31180C / 356F
33UH11.3-11.7≥10.7≥25.031-34180C / 356F
35UH11.8-12.2≥10.8≥25.033-36180C / 356F
38UH12.2-12.5≥11.3≥25.036-39180C / 356F
40UH12.4-12.8≥11.3≥25.038-41180C / 356F
28EH10.4-10.9≥9.8≥30.026-29200C / 392F
30EH10.8-11.3≥10.2≥30.028-31200C / 392F
33EH11.3-11.7≥10.5≥30.031-34200C / 392F
35EH11.7-12.2≥11.0≥30.033-36200C / 392F
38EH12.2-12.5≥11.3≥30.036-39200C / 392F
Material: Bonded Neodymium Iron Boron
Bonded NdFeB lies between sintered NdFeB and ferrite in properties and is more stable.  Bonded NdFeB is free from further machining and easy for pressing into different shapes like rings, arcs, etc.  It also has a much higher corrosion resistance in comparison with sintered NdFeB.  Bonded magnets offer less flux than sintered magnets but can be net-shape formed into intricately shaped parts and do not suffer significant eddy current losses.

GradeBr (KG)Hcb (KOe)Hci (KOe)BHmax (MGOe)Tmax
BDM-43.5-4.53.0-3.58-103-4120C / 248F
BDM-65.0-6.04.0-4.58-105-7120C / 248F
BDM-85.5-6.54.5-5.08-125-8.5150C / 302F
BDM-106.5-7.05.0-5.58-129-10150C / 302F
BDM-127.0-8.05.5-6.09-1110-1280C / 176F
Material: Samarium Cobalt
SmCo magnet is a strong permanent magnet made of an alloy of samarium and cobalt.  Comparing with the NdFeB magnet, SmCo magnet is weaker, but more suitable for working in high temperatures.  SmCo magnets are very anti-corrosive and generally does not require electroplating treatment.   

GradeBr (KG)Hcb (KOe)Hci (KOe)BHmax (MGOe)Tmax
YX188.5-9.07.8-8.215-1916-18250C / 482F
YX209.2-9.68.2-9.015-1919-21250C / 482F
YX24 9.6-109.2-9.715-1922-24250C / 482F
YXG249.5-10.28.0-9.218-2522-24300C / 572F
YXG2610.2-10.59.4-10.018-2524-26300C / 572F
YXG28 10.5-10.89.5-10.018-2526-28300C / 572F
YXG28B 10.2-11.05.2-6.55.5-6.526-28300C / 572F
YXG3010.8-11.09.8-10.518-2528-30300C / 572F
YXG30B10.8-11.05.2-5.65.5-6.528-30300C / 572F
Material: Aluminum Nickel Cobalt
AlNiCo magnets are very stable and have good corrosion resistance and a typical hardness of 50 Rockwell C. AlNiCo represents the most versatile magnet material available.  The range of properties can be accurately designed for specific applications by changes to element analysis and heat treatment.

GradeBr (KG)Hcb (KOe)Hci (KOe)BHmax (MGOe)Tmax
LN96.80.381.13450C / 842F
LN106.000.51.20450C / 842F
LNG127.200.51.55450C / 842F
LNG137.000.61.60450C / 842F
LNG3412.000.64.30525C / 977F
LNG3712.000.64.65525C / 977F
LNG4012.50.65.00525C / 977F
LNG4412.50.655.50525C / 977F
LNG5213.00.76.50525C / 977F
LNGT2810.00.723.50550C / 1022F
LNGT36J7.001.754.50550C / 1022F
LNGT328.01.254.0550C / 1022F
LNGT408.01.385.0550C / 1022F
LNGT609.001.387.5550C / 1022F
LNGT721.051.49.0550C / 1022F
Material: Ferrite (Ceramic)
Ceramic, also known as Ferrite magnets are made of a composite of iron oxide and barium/strontium carbonate by ceramic processing technology. Ferrites are, like most other ceramics, hard and brittle. In terms of the magnetic properties, ferrites are often classified as "soft" and "hard" which refers to their low or high coercivity of their magnetism, respectively.

GradeBr (KG)Hcb (KOe)Hci (KOe)BHmax (MGOe)Tmax
C12.31.863.51.05250C / 482F
C53. / 482F
C73. / 482F
C83.852.953.053.5250C / 482F
C8B4.22.9132.964.12250C / 482F
C93.83.5164.013.32250C / 482F
C104.03.6173.513.82250C / 482F
C114.32.5122.564.32250C / 482F
Material: Flexible (Rubber)
Flexible Rubber magnets are made by mixing Ferrite or Neodymium magnet powders and synthetic or natural rubber binders. They are made by rolling (calendaring) or extrusion methods. Flexible magnets are applied because of their advantages of versatility, low cost, and ease of use. These magnets are usually manufactured in strip or sheet form that is widely used in micro-motors, gaskets, novelties, signs, and displays.
GradeBr (KG)Hcb (KOe)Hci (KOe)BHmax (MGOe)Tmax
FRM-51.55-1.751.25-1.451.55-1.750.60-0.7080C / 176F
FRM-61.60-1.801.30-1.501.60-1.800.65-0.7580C / 176F
FRM-82.15-2.251.60-1.801.90-2.100.95-1.0580C / 176F
FRM-112.40-2.501.65-1.851.75-1.951.35-1.4580C / 176F
FRM-122.45-2.502.00-2.202.70-2.901.45-1.5580C / 176F

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