Aling Polymagnets

Polymagnets® can be designed to align with varying levels of precision and with a wide variety of alignment functions. Centering Polymagnets will produce forces to achieve axial centering alignment. Rotational alignment Polymagnets will exhibit a preference for alignment at one or many specific rotational positions and with a variety of release behaviors, including softer attach force or repel force.

Rotational Alignment
Alignment polymagnets work in pairs to achieve a combination of centering and rotational detent functionality.
When one of these magnets is rotated upon the other they will achieve peak attraction at predefined intervals.
Rotational alignment polymagnets are self-aligning and do not need to be externally constrained.
Offered in 3 different peak (detent) frequencies. Shown Below

90° Detent
Attraction Force peaks at every 90 degrees of rotation

120° Detent
Attraction Force peaks at every 120 degrees of rotation

180° Detent
Attraction Force peaks at every 180 degrees of rotation

Axial Centering
Centering Polymagnets amplify the magnets tendency to align axially when attached.
Increases the magnets attach strength and sheer force.
Retains the magnets ability to rotate axially when attached.
Offered in 3 different attach forces and sheer strengths.

Level 1
Medium attach and sheer force. Medium attract distance.

Level 2
High attach and sheer force. Short attract distance.

Level 3
Highest attach and sheer force. Shortest attract distance.

Twist to Release
Twist to Release Polymagnets provide high attract force when aligned and repel when rotated out of position.
Twist release polymagnets are self-aligning and do not need to be externally constrained.
The following patterns are programmed to repel or release when rotated.

Attract Repel Crossover
Switches back and forth
from attract to repel at
every 90 degrees of rotation.

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