Permanent Magnets

The majority of the permanent magnets sold by Amazing Magnets are made of an alloy of Neodymium Iron and Boron (NdFeB).  In the section below you can see a few of the more popular shapes of the NdFeB permanent magnets we stock.  Other types of permanent magnets which we produce are Samarium Cobolt (SmCo), Aluminum Nickel Cobolt (AlNiCo), and Ferrite Magnets (also known as Ceramic magnets).  NdFeB magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets available.  To view additional properties on all these types of permanent magnet please see the grade chart.  If you have a custom application, and need a specific size please call us.
 Rod Magnets Rod Magnets

Rod magnets are NdFeB permanent magnets which are round in shaped and have a length => diameter.  The majority of the rod magnets we stock are axially magnetized so their poles will be on the round flat areas.  If you need a rod magnet which is magnetized side-to-side you will need a diametrically magnetized rod.  These high power permanent magnet are excellent for oem embedded type applications, as they have more "wall" gripping surface then Disc type magnets (which are thinner).
Plate Magnets Plate Magnets

Plate magnets are NdFeB permanent magnets which are flat in shape and are either square or rectangular in shape.  These magnets serve a wide variety of permanent magnet applications including industrial mounting, shelf mounting, oem applications, and craft uses. 
Disc Magnets Disc Magnets

Disc magnets are NdFeB permanent magnets which are flat in shape and have a diameter <= thickness.  Nearly all of the disc magnets we stock are magnetized axially, so they will both attract and repel on their round flat surfaces.  Widely used in variety of permanent magnet applications for industry crafts and science.
Pot Magnets Pot Magnets

Pot magnets (also known as cup magnets) are NdFeB permanent magnets inside a steel housing.  The specially designed steel housing creates an intense directional magnetic field on the exposed face, while nearly eliminating the field on the opposing surface.  Used in a wide variety of permanent magnet applications requiring easy or secure mounting without adhesives.
Custom Magnets Custom Magnets

Amazing Magnets stocks a large variety of NdFeB permanent magnets but due to the unlimited possibilities, we know we may not have exactly the size you need.  Please visit our custom magnet page for details on how to order permanent magnets designed around your specific requirements.
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