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Whiteboard Magnets

Whiteboard magnets are specialty Rare Earth Magnets which are either encased in plastic, or have a plastic molded housing to make them easy to handle. Excellent for use with white boards, glass marker boards, filing cabinets, refrigerators, or any other metal surface. Available in multiple colors, they are often used as status indicators for projects, in/out status charts, calendars etc. You will not be disappointed by the power of these Rare Earth magnets.

Button Magnets

Strong neodymium magnets imbedded in a button shaped plastic housing (with the bottom of the magnet exposed). There are 8 vibrant colors to choose from. The smaller ½'' buttons can hold 8+ sheets of paper, and the large 1-1/5'' magnets can hold 30+ sheets of paper to a regular whiteboard.
ABS Disc Magnets

Powerful Disc Shaped Magnets incased in abs plastic housing. Internal magnets are nickel copper nickel plated and completely covered in plastic making them the most durable magnets available. 11 vibrant color options. They can hold 18+ sheets of paper to a regular whiteboard.

WB Series Whiteboard Magnets

Powerful Neodymium magnets inside a pawn shaped plastic housing. Their tall design allows for a good grip when detaching. There are 6 vibrant colors to choose from. The smaller magnets will hold 20+ sheets of paper and the larger pawn magnets will hold 40+ sheets of paper to a regular whiteboard.
Glass Marker Board Magnets

Large, very powerful neodymium magnets incased in an easy to handle plastic housing. These magnets are specifically designed to attach through the thick glass of a glass marker board. They can hold 30-40 sheets of paper to a regular whiteboard

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