Small Whiteboard Magnets

 Superior strength magnet firmly secures all your important papers... blueprints, renderings, and notes
 Colorful design creates pleasing visual presentations
 Solid plastic housing enables rapid magnet removal for easy repositioning when mapping out your project plans
 Color coding system brings clarity when tracking figures like your company's productivity
 No slipping, sliding, or falling. 

Tiny Pawn (WB)
Works best on: Whiteboards 

Small but still strong enough to break through the glass barrier, this modest pawn does its job inconspicuously.          

  • Holds up to 3 sheets of paper to a 1/4" glassboard         

Wholesale pricing: $1.12 - $1.50 /each

Small Button (WBR250BG)
Works best on: Whiteboards 

The lowest profile for the cleanest look.              

Wholesale pricing: $1.16 - $1.60 /each

Tiny Button (WB250D)
Works best on: Whiteboards 

 When you really need to go small, go tiny.

Wholesale pricing: $0.15 - $0.21 /each

D250D - Series
Works best on: Whiteboards 
  •Attaches well to magnetic whiteboards, refrigerators & steel 
  •1/2" disc magnet completely encased in plastic.

Wholesale pricing: $1.05 - $1.40 /each

Works best on: Whiteboards
  • Sample includes one of each magnet

8 Magnets in Total: $15.00 /per pack

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